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Barrus opening

Barrus opens new £2.5 million site

Tue, 15 Apr 2014

Engine company says half year sales are 30% up on last year

All Wales Boat Show

Wales festival widens horizons

Scots flotilla

Fleet musters on the Clyde

Court couple told to quit marina

British Waterways Marinas takes firm stance...


Somali pirates: MBM investigates

A must-watch behind the scenes film on Somali...

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Elan 48

Elan Power 48

Elan has rebooted its Power 48. MBM heads toCroatia to find out whether its performance matches its looks


Grandezza 39CA

Grandezza 39CA

Sleek, stylish, and with a new take on on-board layouts, this Finnish hardtop is set to shake things up in the cruiser market



Boat fail video: two truck tow causes problems

These truck drivers obviously thought two...

Sealine F380

Videos from Boot Düsseldorf 2014

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Oil change with Pela

Just changing the oil via the dipstick.How...

Every cloud has a ....etc etc

Have been here at mercury on T.M. since...

Maiden voyage over the weekend, but a few problems....

After months of talking about it, I finally...

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